At Brady Commercial Construction Services, we specialize in commercial remodels. Our team offers design, permit submission (if needed), and everything in between. If you’re ready for a remodel, we’re the professionals to call. With more than 25 years of experience in commercial construction, we know what it takes to complete a remodel in a way that brings your vision to life while meeting the requirements of commercial building codes.

A remodel is similar to new construction in many ways. It requires a well-devised plan, city approval, proper equipment and talent, and unwavering commitment. That’s why we provide all of those services to help ensure your vision comes to life.


To guarantee your project will start off on the right foot, we offer extensive planning including project scope, site plan and evaluation, city consultations and permit filing, and more! By beginning the project with these plans already in place, it makes it that much easier to implement other plans of the project such as architecture, engineering, and material selection.


Part of our commitment at BCCS is providing unbeatable value throughout the project. To do so, we maximize the function of your property and minimize the cost by substituting materials and construction methods without sacrificing quality. That extends to every phase of our process, including remodels. By finding the intersection functionality and cost, we can help you get the most out of your commercial remodeling. 

Whether you want to remodel a conference room or your plans include a whole-building renovation, BCCS works with you from start to finish and provides every service needed to complete your remodel. We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients on both small and large projects, and we’re confident we can provide the construction expertise you’re looking for. To learn more about our building renovation services, contact us now!