Commercial building demolition and restoration are no small tasks. Whether a disaster has occurred and demolition is needed or you simply want restoration services, the professional demolitions team at Brady Commercial Construction Services is your go-to source for every step of the construction — or deconstruction — process. We proudly offer a wide range of commercial construction services to meet every need of your project. From planning and design to demolition or restoration, we ensure your vision is brought to life.


Demolition can take anywhere from a few hours to multiple weeks depending on the structure and the extent of demolition. This work involves either dismantling or completely razing a load-bearing structure and can be done either manually or with mechanical demolition equipment:

  • Manual — Manual demolition is often preferred in the dismantling of smaller structures. This type of demolition can include the use of portable tools such as jackhammers, drillers, and sledgehammers.
  • Mechanical — Mechanical demolition tends to be used more with larger structures that require stronger equipment and extensive training. These tools can include bulldozers, wrecking balls, cranes, rams, and excavators, all of which are powerful enough to handle large-scale demolition.

Here at BCCS, we are able to evaluate your structure and desires to safely perform the proper form of demolition.


Restoration is the process of restoring a building to its previous state, or even better! We can equip you with the best reconstruction team in Southern California that is trained in a plethora of restoration scenarios, including:

  • Disasters — A structure will likely need professional reconstruction following natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and more. 
  • Additions — As businesses grow, so does their need for more space. We can reconstruct your space to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Renovations — Updating your property is essential to keeping up with the changing environment and culture it is surrounded by.

To learn more about the demolition and restoration services we offer at BCCS, contact us today!