Commercial Construction Permit Process

Though some cities are different than others when it comes to issuing permits for your commercial construction property, the process is similar everywhere. Keep these things in mind when working with Brady Commercial Construction Services to plan your commercial construction in Southern California:

  1. Create and design a project to submit for approval — after working with our experts to compile a comprehensive plan from pre-construction through completion, we help you submit your design and consult with the city.
  2. Permit review — unsurprisingly, commercial construction projects have the longest period of review due to their size and impact on the city. These permits can take three weeks for approval.
  3. Design corrections and fee payment — we will help you update your commercial construction design with any needed corrections so permit fees can be paid and the permit can be issued as soon as possible.

After you have received your permit, inspections can be completed, allowing the permit to be closed and construction to begin. This is only an overview of city consultation and permit issuance. If you have further questions about the process, or if you’re ready to partner on a project, reach out today!