The happiness of your employees is directly correlated to the success of your company. Keeping your office modern and somewhere that your employees look forward to coming to every day is essential. There are a number of remodeling projects you can utilize to modernize your office to increase your employees well-being and productivity.


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The Perfect Design Stimulates Creativity


Working in an office that stimulates creativity can have multiple effects on how products are designed, services are delivered, and employee satisfaction is maintained. It could be as simple as  choosing the right colors of the paint on the wall to the number of windows letting in natural light. Having a workplace where employees actually want to spend time is an essential consideration when it comes to remodeling your office.


Employees collaborate and interact which translates in the exchange of ideas that boost your company’s bottom line. The location of bathrooms, kitchens, and even conference rooms can make all the difference. The flow and circulation of communication among your employees can be as essential as the flow of conditioned air.


An open floor plan where office walls are no longer necessary may foster creativity too. Removing walls and placing desks closer together can remove any inhibitions your employees have with interacting with each other. Implementing community and inclusion in your remodel design can make all the difference when it comes to “the feel” you want among your employees, their creativity, and productivity.


Enclosed offices still serve an important function. You can still have offices but they could be designed for temporary use. For instance, if an employee needs to concentrate on a project and not be distracted, they could use it until the project is completed. 


Including Creature Comforts


Employees today are spending more and more time at the office. It’s not uncommon for them to think of it as a second home. You should take into consideration creating areas that give employees a break from the grind, take a breather, and unwind a bit. 


Amenities that could add to your office’s atmosphere:


  • Arcade games
  • Flat screen tvs
  • Exercise facilities
  • Meditation room
  • Updated furniture and fixtures
  • Pool tables
  • Bean bags
  • Plants and trees


Other Office Add-Ons to Consider


If you have the ability to modify the building you are in, you may consider putting in a staircase to enhance your office. Some pioneering executives may even put in a slide to reflect the office’s attitude. If you can install a patio or windows that allow in fresh air, these are elements that have been shown to spark creativity and boost blood flow.


You may also consider updating your ventilation to improve the heating and air conditioning in your building. When your employees are shivering because of the temperature, they are less likely focused on their work. Having optimal climate control within your office is an unseen but very important quality for employee happiness.


The Happiness Dividend


The Harvard Business Review introduced a concept called The Happiness Dividend into the business lexicon regarding employee satisfaction. Most research pertaining to this revolves around an employee’s health and well-being. However, the environment an employee works should be considered when assessing their happiness level.


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