When you hire a construction company to build your commercial site, it is totally reasonable to ask for a step-by-step overview of the steps and time scale of the project. When you hire Brady Commercial Construction Services in Southern California, feel confident that you are getting both an expedient, solution-oriented general contractor as well as a contractor who is going to communicate everything you need to know about your project. We pride ourselves on being clear and precise in all things. If you value customer service in your construction contract, give one of our customer support reps a call today and ask about what we can do for you!

The Early Stages of a Successful Building Project

First things first: some caveats. Every building is going to involve different processes and unique challenges to construct properly. Depending on factors like financing, permits, the condition of the pre-existing site, the weather, and more, a construction project can take various lengths of time to complete. That being said, most construction projects follow this general timeline:

#1: Pre-Construction Planning

For better or worse, there can be quite a bit of red tape to work through before the true construction even begins. First comes the permit acquisition, design plan, and material selection. Pre-construction can take anywhere from a few months to years, depending on the size and complexity of your construction project. One thing that makes Brady Construction Services unique is that we conduct comprehensive pre-construction planning for you. Through pre-construction planning, we will be able to help you determine the cost, time, and materials needed to successfully complete the project.

#2: Site Work

The next step is to get the site prepared for the foundation to be laid. This involves:

  • Lot clearing
  • Topsoil stripping
  • Staking the lot for excavation
  • Rough grading of the lot
  • Excavation of the foundation

Site work is an important step not just for preparing the base of the building, it also is a stage of construction where any unexpected risks or hazards can be taken into account and important decisions can be made. Site work generally takes around a month to complete, for a moderate-sized office building.

#3: Lay the Foundation

The strength of any building lies in its foundation; a foundation supports the rest of the structure and plays one of the most important roles in determining the longevity of a building. A good foundation keeps your building standing during extreme weather conditions and must be built in such a way that it keeps ground moisture from seeping in and weakening the structure. When looking for a construction team you can trust to build a high-quality foundation and to exceed the standards of construction safety and durability, trust Brad Commercial Services to get the job done right.

#4: Rough Carpentry

After the foundation is set, some rough carpentry is undertaken. That can include:

  • Setting steel
  • First-floor deck and wall framing
  • Second-floor deck and wall framing
  • Setting roof trusses
  • Framing the roof
  • Installing roof plywood
  • Installing windows and doors
  • Framing the basement
  • Etc.

By this point, the broad strokes and many of the necessary components of your building have been constructed, and it’s starting to look a little more complete. However, there is a lot more work to do from here! Read Part II of this guide to learn about the second half of any construction project.

Looking for a construction company in Southern California you can trust for commercial building projects of any size? Reach out to Brady Commercial Construction Services and speak with a member of our support staff today!